VIcki MOrris

Vicki W. Morris

Vicki W. Morris

Vicki Morris is a graduate of Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. After graduation, Vicki obtained a position with Nortel Networks as a Systems Application Engineer. While at Nortel Networks, Ms. Morris held several positions to include Marketing Communications Specialist, System Pricing Specialist and Human Resources Clerk.

Vicki has always had a talent for planning and organizing events,  and developing effective marketing plans for both professional and personal uses. No matter the reason for the existence of the group, if there is a task at hand for the group to deliver, it needs a well thought out organization plan. This is an area Vicki tends to shine brightly. Vicki also manages a professional networking group, RISE, Regional Innovators Sustaining the Ecosystem. Formerly known as HOT Coffee. She was also named 2015 Ambassador of the year for the Madison Chamber of Commerce. Vicki is a natural at developing opportunities to get her clients in the forefront, and help them get their message to their target audience. To that end, she was invited to be an Emissary for the Huntsville / Madison County Chamber of Commerce; and was appointed to be the co-Director of the Women In Business Alliance, and speaker coordinator for the Business to Business Alliance in the Tennessee Valley Business Network. Vicki’s clients include non profit organizations, advanced technology corporations, and other business service companies. She has developed excellent working relationships with commercial and civic organizations in the greater Huntsville area to include Madison, Decatur, and Athens.

Not only can Vicki organize and plan events for your organization efficiently, she is also an excellent speaker. Mrs. Morris has spoken for several groups as the featured presenter. She is more than capable of developing and delivering an on topic and motivating presentation to audiences of any size. She truly enjoys sharing her skills and knowledge with others.

Vicki was a part of the INROADS/Atlanta program during her college years, and worked with the youth program at her church in Atlanta, and here in the Decatur and Madison areas. Vicki has been married to Earl Morris for the past 24 years, and the couple has 2 adult sons.

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