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FaCe To Face Marketing


Our approach is the DIFFERENCE 

At Face To Face Marketing we make it easy for our clients to enjoy the process of developing their marketing strategy. There is no overwhelming feeling when working with us. We make sure you understand everything we do, and you approve any undertaking before we turn you loose. Every client has access to the specialist working on their project. We have a 48 hour policy. When you send us a request or have a questions, we will get back to you within 48 hours. We are research driven and we learn all we can about the way YOUR ideal customer makes buying decisions and then develop your marketing around that set of facts. 


How To Do Business with our Team

Step #1

Schedule your Discovery video call with our team.

Step #2

Select the service offer or package that best suits your needs and marketing goals.

Step #3

Set the timeline and deliverables for the project together with a marketing strategist from our team.

Step #4

Pay your deposit and schedule your first project review appointment and relax and enjoy the process!

Vicki Morris_02.jpg

Face To Face Marketing is owned and operated by Vicki Morris. Vicki is a leader in the Huntsville small business  & entrepreneurial ecosystem. She is able to tailor communication strategies for her clients by leveraging her marketing degree, engineering experience, and dedication to excellence.

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