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I have more than 20 years of marketing and communications experience. My team and I  develop a data-driven, analytical approach to devise the ideal content messaging mix for the wide array of clients we serve. My client base consists of forward thinking seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to get laser focused on developing a marketing strategy that converts visitors to valued customers.

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My Story

I was a stay at home mom for 12 years and when I was ready to enter the corporate world again, the corporate world wasn't interested in what I had to offer.

I moved to a new area when I got married and in that move I sold my house, quit my job and threw caution to the wind! I had always been able to find great jobs and I had no reason to think this would be any different in my new city. Boy oh boy, I could not have been more wrong. I applied everywhere and I got no where. The only call backs I got were from mall retailers and banks for teller positions. Not exactly what I was looking for.


So I decided with my husband that we would start our family. We had 2 awesome and amazing boys, and I stayed home with them until our youngest went to middle school. Now, I think to myself, I can get my career started and make a professional name for myself in the corporate world in the new city where I live with my family.


Wrong again!! I quickly found out that just because the corporate world didn't value what I have to offer, this DOES NOT mean I have nothing to offer. So, after a few jobs with other small businesses, I decided to do what I do best, marketing, branding and communication strategies! I took a risk and put my all into this thing called entrepreneurship and in 2015, Face To Face Marketing was born.


Our business has grown consistently every year, even during the pandemic. We have a team of marketing professionals that specialize in social media, content creation, website design and graphic design. Each team member is skilled in our company practice of strategy first, then implementing creating content based on a strategic mission for each client and each project. Initial project concept and strategy is developed by our founder and owner. 


I've grown my team to include 2 web designers / developers; a content writer; a handful of graphic designers and an executive assistant that helps me keep everything in order. Our team at Face To Face Marketing carefully executes strategies for our clients while making sure every step is strategically aligned to the mission, and that the mission is detailed in actionable and measurable steps. We take each project and the work we perform seriously. We absolutely don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy what we do and we have fun working together!


Why do we operate this way? Great question! I'm  a former systems  engineer. This work experience paired with my marketing skills and marketing degree, make for a powerful combination of creativity and a methodical approach. There is a clear path for every strategy my team and I put forth, and the strategies we develop are clear and easy to understand. So clients have the luxury of knowing they have a top tier marketing team working hard for them and completely understanding each step of the process.  It’s important for our clients to understand exactly what we are doing so that it’s clear what they are paying for and they understand the quality of the results they receive from our team. 

Who is our ideal client? We want to work with growth minded business owners and organizations. This is a business that’s been successfully operating for about 3 years and has a strong revenue base of at least $200,000 annually. We are not the cheapest option you’ll find. We use professional software. We do the research to make sure we understand your industry locally, regionally and nationally. We assess your competition so that we can position you competitively to your market. Our ideal client also has a firm understanding of the power of a successful and well-crafted marketing strategy. This typically comes with experience in business. We are not looking to work with clients needing a ‘quick fix’ to a marketing failure. Our clients need to be willing to stay the course with us for at least 3-4 months to see measurable results.

My team and I operate all over the country. We can manage large and small projects. And we can do month to month and long term fractional marketing work for organizations. I love what I get to do everyday, and I love being a consistent contributor to the entrepreneurial ecosystem locally, regionally and nationally!


Our Core Values

1. Creativity: Encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and embracing unconventional ideas to drive innovative marketing strategies.


2. Expertise: Cultivating a deep understanding of technology trends and developments to provide specialized marketing solutions tailored to the unique needs of tech companies.


3. Agility: Being nimble and adaptable in a fast-paced industry, able to quickly respond to market changes and leverage effective emerging technologies.


4. Collaboration: Promoting cross-functional collaboration and teamwork to harness the collective intelligence and diverse perspectives of the client / contractor team.


5. Data-driven: Leveraging data and analytics to support marketing decisions, optimize campaigns, and drive measurable results for clients.


6. Customer-focus: Placing the needs and desires of the target audience at the center of marketing strategies, ensuring that customer experiences are personalized, seamless, and valuable.


7. Ethical Conduct: Upholding high ethical standards in all marketing practices, respecting privacy, and maintaining transparency with clients and stakeholders.


8. Continuous Innovation: Embracing a culture of continuous learning and innovation, constantly exploring new technologies and marketing approaches to stay ahead of the curve.


I love meeting new clients and exploring exciting new marketing projects with you! Let's keep the conversation going. Just click the button to the right and we'll get a discovery video call on the schedule!

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