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Courses by Face To Face Marketing

Our team is passionate about all things Marketing and Communications and we want to provide you options to fine tune your skill set and help your business grow. Here you will find trainings and courses to help you master the art of effective communication strategies for your business. 


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The Marketing Mastery For Entrepreneurs course

This is our Signature Course

In this course you will go from feeling overwhelmed and unsure about your marketing and communication strategies to confidently developing targeted and specific content that literally brings your ideal clients to your doorstep! Several lessons combined into one course.


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The Marketing & Branding Power Pack

This mini course is designed to give you the basics for creating your marketing structure for your business, and clarifying the relationship between website, social media and email marketing. Why you need each one, and how to establish continuity among the three.

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Marketing & Branding PowerPack


networking Mini Course

Networking with Guaranteed Results!

Never fear another networking event again! Learn proven techniques and strategies to make the absolute most of every networking event you attend. I have grown my business tremendously on the power of EFFECTIVE networking. In this mini course, I’m teaching you the strategies I use when I attend networking events, including the thing that 90% of people DON’T do, that’s costing them real dollars left on the table. I’ve packed a ton of valuable content into this mini course and left all the fluff out!

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